Our Services


Seed & Grain

  • Wholesale accounts with brokers which provides access to crop and pasture species
  • Access to grower network which assists in accessing large volumes of varieties
  • Links to national wholesalers and retailers
  • Member of Australian Seed Federation which ensures that operations are in accordance with current legislative and industry requirements

Seed Treatment

Most seed treatments are catered for.

Certified Seed

Registered shed capable of processing certified seed to International Standards [ISTA].


Can process grain into bulk, bulka bags and bags.


By arrangement we have available storage for 2000T in bulk in sealed 75T capacity silos, 4000T bulk in clean sheds, and clean secure storage for finished product.


We are an AQIS accredited company and able to fill shipping containers with bulk or bagged grain.


100 tonne weighbridge on site.

Colour Sorter

The colour sorter in our processing plant is state of the art cleaning technology and we are one of the very few Seed works in WA with a colour sorter, once again leading the industry.

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